NSF Funding

Minje received an NSF grant for an exciting multidisciplinary research project, “A Portable and Intelligent Testing System for Power-efficient and Accurate Foodborne Pathogen Detection,” in collaboration with the fellow Engineering faculty, Lei Jiang (PI) and Feng Guo.

MMAD 2019

Minje organized Midwest Music and Audio Day along with other faculty members in the school. He presented the recent deep autotuner research results, too.


We are attending ICASSP 2019 in Brighten, UK. Minje will chair a session on source separation and speech enhancement; Sunwoo and Sanna will present their papers about bitwise recurrent neural networks and a database of quality Karaoke singing, respectively.


Our papers are accepted for publication in ICASSP 2019: “Incremental Binarization On Recurrent Neural Networks for Single-Channel Source Separation” and “Intonation: a Dataset of Quality Vocal Performances Refined by Spectral Clustering on Pitch Congruence.”

RTCSA 2018

A fun collaboration with folks in the Sunflower state resulted in a paper in RTCSA. It’s about DeepPicar, a deep learning based low powered autonomous driving system: “DeepPicar: A Low-cost Deep Neural Network-based Autonomous Car”


Our paper is accepted for publication in EUSIPCO 2018: Sanna Wager and Minje Kim, “Collaborative speech dereverberation: regularized tensor factorization for crowdsourced multi-channel recordings.”