We are attending ICASSP 2019 in Brighten, UK. Minje will chair a session on source separation and speech enhancement; Sunwoo and Sanna will present their papers about bitwise recurrent neural networks and a database of quality Karaoke singing, respectively.


Our papers are accepted for publication in ICASSP 2019: “Incremental Binarization On Recurrent Neural Networks for Single-Channel Source Separation” and “Intonation: a Dataset of Quality Vocal Performances Refined by Spectral Clustering on Pitch Congruence.”

RTCSA 2018

A fun collaboration with folks in the Sunflower state resulted in a paper in RTCSA. It’s about DeepPicar, a deep learning based low powered autonomous driving system: “DeepPicar: A Low-cost Deep Neural Network-based Autonomous Car”


Our paper is accepted for publication in EUSIPCO 2018: Sanna Wager and Minje Kim, “Collaborative speech dereverberation: regularized tensor factorization for crowdsourced multi-channel recordings.”

Two ICASSP 2018 papers accepted

We’ve got two ICASSP 2018 papers accepted:“Bitwise Source Separation on Hashed Spectra: An Efficient Posterior Estimation Scheme Using Partial Rank Order Metrics,” and“Bitwise Neural Networks for Efficient Single-Channel Source Separation.”