Prospective Members

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Prospective Ph.D. students and PostDoc researchers
(*There are RA and PostDoc openings for Fall 2022*)

Send Minje an email with your CV. If your CV does not specify the planned research you mean to do in SAIGE, please elaborate a little in the email. You don’t have to try too hard to relate your interest to ours, but it may help if you take a look at our research projects.

Prospective M.S. students

Both of the ENGR E511 MLSP and ENGR E533 DLS courses cover fundamental knowledge and skillsets that are necessary to do the kind of research we do in SAIGE. They also come with a final project component for which you need to conduct a mini-research project, present the result as if you did at a conference, and submit a research paper-looking final report. In these courses, Minje interacts with each team at least twice a semester, and more often if the team desires so. Hence, we recommend that M.S. students use these courses to gain appropriate research experiences.

If you already have prior experiences in machine learning, deep learning, and audio processing, please contact Minje with your CV. It might be best if you could skim our research projects and relate your interests to ours. If there’s a match, we can arrange an independent study or a thesis research project.

Prospective undergraduate students

Send Minje an email. Please share your background, what kind of research project you want to do (you may want to take a look at what we do first).

Quick Facts about SAIGE

Where are we from?

SAIGE is an international, multicultural, and multidisciplinary research group. The cultural backgrounds of our members are located on the global map as follows.

Where do SAIGE students get the job?

At SAIGE, students are strongly encouraged to intern at top research labs during the summer. They also get full-time job offers from the top research labs. The list of employers are as follows:

  • Internships: Amazon, Google, Google X, Intel, LinkedIn, MERL, Qualcomm, Smule, Spotify
  • Full-time positions: Amazon, Microsoft

* Above lists do not include job offers the students had to turn down.

How are we funded? How are students financially supported?

SAIGE appreciates research funding from various federal, corporate, and international sponsors: The National Science Foundation, ETRI and Ministry of Science and ICT (Korea), Intel Corp., Synaptics, Amazon, MERL, and Adobe Systems, Inc.

During the academic year (i.e., spring and fall semesters), SAIGE students are mostly hired as research assistants from the research funding. Sometimes they are also hired as an associate instructor (teaching assistant) for Minje’s courses, EGNR E511 Machine Learning for Signal Processing or ENGR E533 Deep Learning Systems. Occasionally they are also supported by fellowships and internships during the semesters. Below are the statistics about their academic support. Out of 54 total semesters as of spring 2022 (the total period of time of all students spent as a member of SAIGE),

  • Research Assistant: 34
  • Fellowships: 11
  • Associate Instructor: 8
  • Internship: 1

How long does it take to get the Ph.D. degree at SAIGE?

There have been two PhDs graduated so far, who spent four years in the lab until they graduated, respectively. However, they had two years of prior experience in their PhD programs before joining SAIGE.